Vendors We Proudly Represent

We work closely with our manufacturers to offer feedback and ideas to better improve and develop their product portfolios.  We always welcome our customer’s ideas on how to improve our products and processes to benefit, patients, hospitals and staff.

Zeiss Medical Technology

OPMI PENTERO 900 – The Next Generation

Sutter Precision Electrosurgery

Calvian endo-pen® Duckbill

Vision Sense

Visionsense Iridium System

Hyperbranch Medical Technology, Inc.

Adherus Surgical Sealants

Moeller Medical


Tedan Surgical Innovations

Cervical Pivoting Retractor

O.R. Safety

Clear Access Table

D.A. Surgical

TrenGuard 600

Fehling Surgical

Fehling Kerrison

OR Specific, Inc.

The Big Back Table

VTI Vascular Technology

VTI Doppler System

Vycor Medical

Vycor VBA’s

Whale Imaging


Mizuho Medical Innovation

T2 Aneurysm Clip

NSI Surgical

ClearLine L Lumbar Retractor

Schaerer Medical USA

Arcus Surgical Table

Link Instruments

Link Take Apart IVD Pituitary

American Surgical

Neuro/Spine Instruments

Medfix Surgical

Bayonet Kerrison

Sony Medical

Sony Medical Monitor

Laser Engineering

Ultra MD Series CO2 Laser

UFSK International

USFK Treatment and Surgeon Chair


23G Forceps, Eckardt End-Gripping


Restore IQ™