UFSK Treatment and Surgeon Chair

UFSK International

UFSK Treatment Chair

For the Patient
• Adjustable recliner for optimum comfort for each patient
• Extension System prevents patient from slipping down for security
• Low access height for patient security and comfort

For Staff
• Lightweight travel with 4 aluminum casters
• Electronically controlled braking and steering system allow 1 person to easily move patient
• Not having to move patient from chair to stretcher reduces staff injuries

For Surgeon
• Tiltable foot control via two 4-way joysticks plus activation switch allow sensitive and precise chair adjustment
• The 3-D and longitudinally adjustable headrest element with head molding allows secure and proper position of patient head
• Table base specially engineered for optimum leg room, and temporal access for surgeon

UFSK is available for:

• No Charge Trial

• Multi-unit discount

• Creative Financing

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