Phantom ML™ Minimally Invasive Spine Set

Tedan Surgical Innovations

Phantom ML™ Minimally Invasive Spine Set (MIS)

• The Tedan MIS set is a unique set that combines the features of a minimally invasive set and an open set

• Surgeons can easily customize the system to 2,3 or 4 way retraction

• Set up can be with “break apart” tubes, blades and/or hooks

• The surgical field is illuminated with a super bright LED dual light source

• All 4 ways of retraction can be pivoted out to 30 degrees for optimum visualization

• Table mounted arm is easily adjusted and locks down retractors

• Blades can be attached to standard retractor, or 4 way pivoting Ring Retractor

• Color coded dilators can be easily identified

• Many customers use Tedan’s MIS Instrument Set with this system

Tedan MIS System is available for:

• No Charge Trial

ARM Advantage Program

• Muli-Set Discounts

• Special Financing

• Special Consideration for Spine Reps