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G-Arm® imaging

G-Arm by Whale Imaging

The G-Arm combines an AP and Lateral view simultaneously.

High definition bright 19”monitors make it easier to see details even under OR lighting with 270 degrees freedom of movement so they can be viewed from many positions.

An intuitive console touchscreen and touchpad combined with anatomic pre-sets simplify workflow and improve productivity. Function selection, image manipulation and patient retrieval are easy to perform.

Smooth motorized mechanics perform seamlessly and can be operated directly or remotely for orbital rotation, height and SID distance to give a comprehensive range of movement with minimal effort and reduced disruption to the sterile field.

All of this, combined with the unique biplanar view and advanced algorithms, produce a fast and efficient user experience.

G-Arm is available for:

• No Charge Trial

ARM Advantage Program

• Multi-System Discount

• Creative Financing

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