Get To Know Our Team

A word about our founding:

Urmas Riig, who passed away in 2014, founded the company in 1978. Urmas had a long career with V.Mueller and was one the first Medical device distributors in the country. In many ways he and others are the fathers of medical device distribution through independent sales channels. The Armamentarium was a founding distributor for many great products like Zeiss, Radionics, Mayfield, BrainLab, Dutch Ophthalmics, and BFW.

John Nail, who has been with the organization since 1995, became CEO in 2006. John has guided the organization through its growth from being active in one state with 3 salesman to its current expansion into 8 states and 18 Sales and Sales support Representatives.

Our organization now reaching $22 Million in sales and is committed to being a premier partner for medical device companies, healthcare systems, and our surgeon community. We strive to do this everyday backed with the conviction of every employee. We stand firmly behind our desire to drive innovation, provide clinical based solutions, do so with the highest integrity of an organization that has stood for almost 40 years.

Our Team

John Nail


(281) 537-6333

John has a unique skill set combining a deep knowledge of both the entire medical device industry, as well as the clinical application of each and every product in the Armamentarium portfolio.

Kim David

Director of Operations

(281) 537-6333

Kim has been with the Armamentarium from its inception in 1978 and has managed every facet of operations.

John Baker

Director of Sales

(817) 235-6145

After 13 years of successfully managing the N.W. Tx/Oklahoma region, John was appointed Director of Sales in 2013.

Melissa VanOrman

Clinical Specialist

(302) 632-6869

Melissa came to the Armamentarium in 2015, brining with her 15 years of strong clinical experience across every facet of the operating room.

Stephanie Stepanski

Customer Service

(800) 231-4651

Our experienced and knowledgeable customer service team is ready and available to help you with any request.

Woody Goss

Customer Service

(800) 231-4651

Our experienced and knowledgeable customer service team is ready and available to help you with any request.

April Williams


(214) 783-9127

April managed the N.E. Texas region of over 12 years and in 2015 began handling the marketing efforts.

Melinda Smith

Zeiss Operations Manager

(281) 537-6333

With over 25 years of experience, Melinda handles all of the day to day operations for the Armamentarium’s Zeiss business. Melinda works closely with the customer, Zeiss, and our salesforce to provide the best possible support for our valued customers.

Our Sales Representatives

North Texas

Brian Ransdell
(214) 668-6393

Danielle Miller
(214) 475-0822

South Texas

Pat Black
(281) 798-2426

Chris David
(832) 731 3890

Eric Schaefer
(361) 945-9194


TR Dancer
(918) 809-2959

East Tennessee

Wayne Neihoff
(901) 240-3198

Jonathan Lang
(228) 380-0843

West Tennessee/Arkansas

Cal Newsom
(501) 908-9368

Wayne Neihoff
(901) 240-3198

Micah Hutson
(903) 253-5971


Robbie Jung
(601) 918-5015

Chris Latour
(225) 802-6398

Greg Blasiar
(985) 264-0462


Mark Becker
(314) 221-4435