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Dural Sealant

Now Available in Extended Tip!!

Adherus® Dural Sealant…

This FDA approved dural sealant offers tangible benefits over other sealants:

  • A stronger seal that may prevent CSF leaks
  • Adherus® is designed to last as long as dural healing period
  • 1 minute set up reduces time and frustration in operating room
  • Unique applicator allows start, stop and restart
  • A 2 hour window of use after reconstitution
Adherus AutoSpray No Background

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BFW Complete Line of Surgical Headlights

The BFW "Dover"


Brilliant, Lightweight and Comfortable!

The BFW "Daymark"


Brilliant, Lightweight with an Adjustable Iris

The BFW "Hatteras"


High Intensity LED Lightsource

The BFW "Pharos HD Ultra™"

BFW Pharos

The Only True HD 1080p Coaxial Headlight Imaging System with Internal Recording

The G-Arm
See Live in 2 Planes!

G-Arm awarded Best New Spine Technology 2014 at NASS

Dual plane imaging, eliminates the need to rotate from AP to Lateral

  • Reducing infection risk
  • Reducing procedure time
  • Reducing radiation dose
  • Allowing surgeon to see both planes in real time

TeDan Surgical Innovations

Minimally Invasive Retractors


MIS Instruments


Cervical Retractors


Lumbar Retractors


Vycor ViewSite™

A Minimally Invasive Brain Access System

The Armamentarium has been serving the unique product needs of neurosurgeons, orthopedic spine surgeons, ophthalmologists and plastic surgeons since 1978.

We have strong relationships with customers and extensive knowledge of local markets. Our highly trained sales representatives and marketing staff are skilled in introducing new concepts and products to surgeons and the operating room staff.

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